In this message we look at the Adversary: Satan and his first appearance in the creation story.

Never Alone

June 28, 2020
In this message we examine the need for companionship that all people have and that it is the very first thing that God says is "not good".
In this message we take a look at God's good purpose for man: work and worship.
In this message we examine the two aspects of both God and man that are revealed in the different foci of chapters 1 and 2.
In this message we examine the highlight of the creation week: the day in which God rested from it.
In this message we begin our series on Genesis 1-11 by looking at the creation account. How should we understand it and what does it tell us about how we…
In the second part of this message on Ephesians 6:10-20 we examine the "armour of God" and its purpose.
Jon Jarvela is sharing fro Psalm 90 and exploring how God intends us to make every day count for Him.
In this brief message on Mother's Day we look at two ways scripture encourages mums.

Stand and Pray

May 3, 2020
In this message (Part 1 of 3) we look at the full armour of God in Ephesians 6. Before we go into battle, however, we have to recognise who the…


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